God’s Life Publishing is a ministry of God’s Life Christian Church in Hawaii and New Jersey. In 2016, we answered the call to publish a workbook to aid a new convert that requested materials to help build his foundation in Christ. As a result, we recognized that more resources were needed to edify the saints, reconcile the sinner and glorify God. Since that time, God has blessed God’s Life Publishing to produce books, workbooks and manuals that will aid pastors, ministry leaders, church plants, seasoned saints, new convert and sinners who are seeking tools to grow in the knowledge and liberty of Christ. Our products have been proven in the local church as a go to resource to fortify believers. Each work is written with simplicity to present the eternal truths of God’s word to readers no matter their theological or educational background.

The books we publish provide the local church ministry tools to teach foundational truths from the word of God. Whether in a classroom setting, one on one, small group study or individual study, each book will answer, instruct, and direct the reader to a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. Therefore, we focus on the themes of the believer’s identity in Christ, evangelism, prayer, the work of Holy Spirit and Christian living.

The local Christian Bookstore is crucial in assisting us to get the written word into the hand of the spiritual thirsty. To this end, we closely partner with bookstores to supply them with tools to enhance their ministry of edifying their local communities with tested materials to spark revival.


Our Great Team


Bishop Calvin L. Bethea


Bishop Calvin have been in the publishing business since 1979 and have published various publications from newspapers to magazines to books. 

Dr. Melrose Bethea

Executive Editor

Margaret Adjoga-Otu

Manuscript Analyst

Alicia Plummer

Manuscript Analyst

Gifty Niimoi

Manuscript Analyst