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  • The Cry of the Blind

The Cry of the Blind





The Cry of the Blind: A Call to the Church to Evangelize the Lost 

by Wesley V. Knight

Today there is a cry rising to God from the Blind Bartimaeus’s all across our nation. These individuals are lost in their sin, groping in the dark and seeking for an answer to help restore their sight. The church as a whole is deafened to their cry. 

We are guilty of allowing our love to wax cold in that we are no longer motivated to go into the highways and hedges to look for the lost. We have become political correct in our dealings with the spiritual blind and are indifferent to their plight. The love of money has caused many leaders to be more focused on having things rather than the joy of obeying Christ by evangelizing the lost. In these last days, the church must refocus to hearing the cry of the blind, initiate a plan of action to rescue them and thus fulfill the Great Commission.