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  • Experience A The New Beginning Workbook

Experience A The New Beginning Workbook



Experience a New Beginning Workbook: Blueprint for Building a Firm Spiritual Foundation & Road Map for New Christians.

Compiled by Bishop Calvin L. Bethea.

The "one-book-fits-all" for Christians has arrived. It's a book and a workbook in one. This workbook consists of seven lessons designed to biblically guide the believer to build a firm spiritual foundation. These lessons are bothfor the new convert and the seasoned Christians. They will show that God has given Christian’s specific instructions as to how to livethe very best life possible while representing Him. As a believer,why not make a commitment to the Lord right now to complete each ofthese lessons thereby making you a student of God’s word and achild of God committed to living for Christ.

Included is a bonus chapter with guidelines to assist you with music and entertainment.

Size: 8.5 x 11